Robbie Williams Scores With ‘Nip/Tuck’ Actress

According to The Mirror, Robbie Williams is now dating ‘Nip/Tuck’ star Valerie Cruz. “It hasn’t been going on for long but he really likes Valerie. They met in LA where she films the series and where Robbie has been living,” a source explained. “They’re not rushing into anything but they get on really well. Robbie is very old-fashioned and wanted to take her out on a proper date. So they ended up having lunch followed by some shopping in Beverly Hills.”

Robbie Admits Obsession With Becks’ Hair

August 11, 2004 – According to The Sun, in Robbie Williams’ new autobiography ‘Feel’, out next month, the singer confesses: “I’ve got people I employ just to hair-watch David Beckham.” Robbie’s obsession with Becks’ hair began after the England captain shaved off his Mohican and grew his hair longer.

The Least Sexy Celeb In The World

August 8, 2004 – Like many magazines, Great Britain’s Company magazine annually compiles a list of the world’s sexiest celebrities, but it also adds a twist: a list of the world’s least sexy celebrities is printed as well. Justin Timberlake and Robbie Williams both had the ‘honor’ of appearing on BOTH lists in the same magazine along with David Beckham.

Robbie’s Plans To Shed Pounds On The Links

August 5, 2004 – Sky News reports that Robbie Williams hopes to shed some weight by playing more golf. “I used to play just twice a week but now I’m out there every day for up to six hours,” he said. “It’s such great exercise – and more fun than a gym.”

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