Robbie Williams Shows Off His New Tattoo

Ananova had photos, since removed, of showing off his new tattoo to French fans in Paris while filming a TV show. He has had the score to The Beatles’ ‘All You Need Is Love’ tattooed on his lower back.

Robbie Tries To Get Date With Gemma Segal

December 1, 2002 – The Sunday Mirror reports will be in trouble when girlfriend Rachel Hunter discovers he’s been trying to get a date with aspiring model Gemma Segal after meeting her go-karting last Sunday. “Gemma couldn’t believe it when Robbie got one of his security team to ask her for her number because he was too shy to ask for himself,” a friend revealed. “She was really flattered – and couldn’t believe it when he actually called to ask her out. She had a real laugh with him and they obviously clicked. The reason she’s stalling is that she’s aware Robbie is seeing Rachel.”

Robbie Forgets His ‘Feel’ Lines, Blames Fan

November 29, 2002 – The Mirror reports forgot the lines to his hit ‘Feel’ when recording his CD:UK performance. Williams halted filming to sort it out and claimed that an audience member had distracted him. “Robbie pointed at this poor guy and wrongly blamed him,” said a source. The episode airs on Saturday.

Robbie Could Be Disappointed Hoping To Crack U.S.

November 25, 2002 – Capital FM weighed in on Robbie Williams’ new album Escapology’ and say, “The good news for EMI is that they only have to pay up the full £80 million if Robbie cracks the tough US market. But, as Robbie is only too aware, his cheeky northern charm has failed to charm the Yanks in the past. ‘Escapology’ tries hard to build some bridges by employing a distinctly US college rock sound, which is a like trying to sell espresso to Italians. If this is the breakthrough album he is hoping for he could be disappointed.”

Robbie Tour Sells 1,056 Tickets Per Minute

November 25, 2002 – The Sun reports Robbie Williams has earned the title of being the biggest pop phenomenon in Britain since The Beatles after hundreds of thousands of fans snapped up tickets for the chance to see his European tour gigs next year. The £35 tickets for all his shows were being bought at a staggering average of 1,056 per minute on Saturday (650,000 total tickets), getting an ecstatic response from his label EMI.

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