Robbie Williams Sticks His Key In Kylie Minogue’s Ignition?

While has denied reports linking him in the past to Kylie Minogue, quotes Rob telling his friends about having sex with the Aussie singer: “It’s like having a brand new Ferrari; there are perfect seats, the steering wheel is in the perfect place. And then you put your key in the ignition… and nothing happens.”

Relationship Counselor Urges Kylie To End It With Olivier

July 30, 2003 – Relationship counselor Susan Quilliam wrote an open letter to Kylie Minogue – and tells her that she reckons her love affair with Olivier Martinez is over. She writes, “My advice is to get out now while your pride is still intact. Contrast Olivier’s behavior with Angelina and his attitude to you. If a man you love is photographed being romantic with someone else, it is a statement to you that the relationship is over.”

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