Robbie Williams To Ride Dido’s Coattails To U.S. Success?

In his latest bid to crack the U.S. market, Sky News reports Robbie Williams has been talking to about a collaboration. “The two have admired each other’s work from afar for ages,” a source revealed. “Robbie’s now keen to experiment – and above all else crack the U.S. With Dido, that now looks more likely to become a reality.”

Robbie Williams Pinches His Multi-Millions

October 26, 2003 – The People reports that while Robbie Williams earned a reported $80 million for his new record deal, he’s careful with the dough. He popped round to a video shop in Notting Hill last week to take advantage of their £1-a-film midweek deal.

Robbie Offers Fans Free Tickets To Film Premiere

October 25, 2003 – The Scotsman reports Robbie Williams is inviting hundreds of fans to a West End premiere for his new film ‘What We Did Last Summer’, a concert film about his record breaking Knebworth shows. “I’m really excited about seeing Knebworth on the big screen with my family, friends and fans,” Robbie said. “It will be nice to enjoy it from the crowd’s perspective as reliving the show without all the blood, sweat and tears.” Around 2,000 people will attend the screening at London’s Odeon Leicester Square on November 18th, with many fans winning tickets through his website. The DVD will be released November 24th.

Robbie Scraps U.S. Tour Plans

October 23, 2003 – Robbie Williams had hoped to break into the lucrative American market with a string of small gigs penciled in for the U.S. next year. But a source at EMI, Robbie’s record label, told The Sun the singer axed the plans. “The cancellation of the tour may be the final nail in the coffin of those plans now,” the source said. “As much as Robbie claims he isn’t interested in America, privately it does upset him.”

Robbie Strikes Out With Fashion Rocks Models

October 17, 2003 – Wednesday night’s Prince’s Trust Fashion Rocks show at the Royal Albert Hall saw Robbie Williams desperately trying to hit on models in attendance at the event, the newly-single Bryan Ferry was fighting them off. “He was stalking about back-stage sticking his head in various dressing rooms saying ‘Hello, I’m Robbie, let’s party’,” says one. “He was charm personified but the girls were busy so they really didn’t have time to listen to his attempts at chatting them up. In fact, after a while, one even turned to him and said: ‘Give it a break, we’re working’.”

Robbie Is ‘Too Camp’ For America Says Crow

October 16, 2003 – tells The Sun that Robbie Williams won’t be able to find success in America because he’s “too camp.” Crow explained, “Men feel threatened by him. Our stars are more aggressive. It’s a shame because I think he’s great. I’d love to work with him.” Crow added there is no chance that she and Robbie will get together romantically.

Robbie Williams Dating I. Trump

October 12, 2003 – The Sunday Mirror reports Robbie Williams has been quietly dating society girl Isabella Trump after meeting her in New York earlier this year — though they probably are referring to Ivanka Trump, the 22-year-old daughter of real estate tycoon Donald Trump. “Isabella is not like your typical British It-Girls. She’s not in your face,” an insider said, again likely referring to the wrong first name. “She’s reserved and quite modest. That’s what Robbie likes about her. He likes to keep his private life private and knows Isabella is not the type of girl who is going to tell the whole world about it. She’s also a very independent, level-headed girl, which Robbie really likes.”

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