Robbie Williams To Stay In LA To Battle Alcoholism

The Sun reports has been going to AA meetings every day since he’s been staying in Los Angeles. Robbie told a friend, “It has been almost impossible to stay sober. I’ve got to go to meetings every day because I just don’t know if I can trust myself. LA is an easier place to be sober in than London. I have been sober for a year but every day is a battle.” Read more.

Robbie Ordered To Rest Six Months

January 18, 2002 – The Sun reports has been ordered to take six months off to keep from having a mental breakdown. Robbie currently is staying in Los Angeles and a source said, “Rob won’t be performing or working for six months. He has been down despite his double Christmas No1s.”

Robbie Looks Sinister At LAX

January 13, 2002 – The Sun had photos of arriving at Los Angeles International Airport where he tried to duck photographers by pulling a black hat over his face, not to mention carrying a mask in his hands. Someone travelling at the airport commented, “He looked pretty sinister and was lucky he wasn’t jumped by guards.”

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    i think that is great that they are working on that,

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