Robbie Williams Upset With Tell-All Ex

The Mirror reports that Robbie Williams has told pals he is upset after ex-lover Lisa Brash sold their story to the tabloids. “When Robbie saw that Lisa was profiting from their fling he was deeply hurt,” a source revealed. “He feels that every time he starts to trust someone they betray him. He said something like: ‘People who sell their stories are no better than prostitutes’.”

Robbie Tells Delta To Stay Single

November 15, 2004 – Kyle and Jackie O. spoke with Robbie Williams on Friday (November 12) where the singer told the Austereo DJ’s that he has a crush on Delta Goodrem and suggested the singer, who recently split up with tennis ace Mark Philippoussis, should stay single until he comes to Australia on tour next year. After the interview, they phoned Delta, who sounded undecided on whether to go out on a date with Robbie. Both interviews have since been removed from

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5 thoughts on “Robbie Williams Upset With Tell-All Ex

  1. XtinaFan says:

    I can understand why someone like Britney, Xtina, or Justin would be mad…but huh…Robbie Williams? …some unknown parking attendant or whatever Robbie’s lover was blabbing about some extremely boring unpopular singer is the equivalent of jimmypee going on and on about Britney when Britney nor anybody else cares. LOL.

  2. AussieSue says:

    Understandably upset I am thinking. Like is, nothing at all private, man, pathetic. I bet she didn’t even give a thought to the fact that she has made a profit by hurting someones feelings by blabbing personal details. I guess the really sad thing is that the world is full of people who are just looking out for themselves. In my opinion she has only made herself look bad, what a low thing to do. But I guess she was laughing all the way to the bank with her check, hope she thinks it was worth it. Morals people, where in the hell are they?

  3. lessthanzero says:

    God, you people are desperate. Robbie Williams is the biggest selling singer in Europe and massively popular in every territory besides the US. He is the wealthiest singer under 35 in Britain. The US is a piddly 5% of the world’s population. I hardly think his bank account or reputation is suffering because one out of hundreds of countries is blind to his considerable talent. His US level of recognition doesn’t even speak for the American continents; he is well known and quite popular in Canada, and has a large Latin American following, as well. My god, he has just been inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame at a mere 30 years old. At the end of the day, no amount of Britney’s breast changes or Christina’s dog whistles will ever earn them the sales, popularity or respect Rob or many other internationally known artists have, but like the war in Iraq, we Americans can continue to have our deluded belief that what we believe is superior and more relevant than the other 95% of the world. Christina, Britney, Justin…regardless of the ridiculous level of hype they’re given in the States…they’re just one of hundreds of other artists elsewhere. Out of these three, only one of them had one of the top 10 played songs on European radio in 2003 and among the Top 20, there was only 1 entry each from two of them. Britney didn’t even have a song among the top 20. You may think the world revolves around these disposable singers prepackaged like meat for the masses…but there is a world outside America that recognizes they are just part of a larger market with a lot more to offer than Justin’s Jackson imitations, Christina’s Carey homages, or Britney’s clothes shedding.

  4. XtinaFan says:

    it’s what’s in America that counts… Busted is from UK. who the heck cares about them? and Blue too. and nice try…but hardly anybody in Canada has heard of him either (I’d know). LOL! who the heck cares about talent? It’s not like Robbie has any, but if he had, sorry – that’s not what matters in the music business anymore. My original post was not about talent or any of that – it was about the fact that NOBODY CARES about Robbie, which is why this article about this girl that sold him out is pointless and nobody cares about it. And the fact that HARDLY ANYBODY commented on this article, PROVES that. People don’t care about Robbie – that’s my point, so I don’t know why you’re bringing other stuff up.

  5. ania_mulder says:

    What you wrote is just sad. But you were right about one thing: America is not about talent anymore. That’s why Britney and hip hop weirdos reign on your charts. And Americans don’t listen to any other music than their own. Pretty shallow I’d say, but hey, it’s your choice. And please don’t say that “it’s what’s in America that counts”. You’d be surprised… But how can you know that when you’re so stuck up. There IS a world outside the North American continent. Did you know that? You may not care about Rob, the whole America may not care about him either. Guess what? We Europeans don’t give a s**t about that. Europe loves him, Australia loves him, Japan loves him, you don’t have to.

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