Robert Palmer Dies

British singer Robert Palmer, most well know for his hit single ‘Addicted to Love’, suffered a heart attack in earlier today according to his manager. Palmer was in London recording a television appearance when the heart attack occurred. Palmer was 54.

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2 thoughts on “Robert Palmer Dies

  1. kmills485 says:

    That’s really sad! He is so young and he had some really great songs in his prime. Hope his family is doing okay…

  2. Deacon says:

    It’s been a many years since Robert Palmer’s death but you still hear his music played. His iconoclastic style put him at the top of the list in the eighties and nobody has matched his style since. I was sorry to see what happened to Robert Palmer after his death about his will. There is no question that the vultures mobilized and attacked as soon as the poor man left this world which I personally thought was unconscionable and unethical. Honor and decency won the day in the end with Robert Palmer’s children and UNICEF being awarded their inheritance. Those that helped Mary Ambrose attack the Estate of Robert Palmer and Mary Ambrose herself go down in the hall of shame in my book. I was glad to see that Robert Palmer’s fiancee, Geraldine Edwards, is doing great, now married since 2006 and by all accounts a successful businesswoman in Los Angeles. I always had a crush on the eponymous Penny Lane. And I was also glad to see that two of Robert Palmer’s children are now parents themselves. I know somewhere Robert Palmer is smiling. May he rest in peace.

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