Robyn Discusses ‘Dream On’, Touring With Madonna

Robyn talks about going on tour with Madonna

Robyn talked viewers through the inspiration and conception behind her new single with Christian Falk, ‘Dream On’. The Swedish pop singer also talked about touring with Madonna earlier this year – though tellingly never mentioned any personal interaction she had with the Material Girl.

“I think ‘Dream On’ is about people that feel or are a little bit left on the outside,” Robyn explained regarding the song. “People that don’t really fit in. Those people are on the street, but sometimes they’re not. I think we all feel like that sometimes, and we don’t fit in, so it’s a song for everyone and I think a lot of people recognize themselves in the lyrics.”

“Well the Madonna tour was great,” she said about the recent trek. “We were on the road for about five weeks. We played a lot of different cities in Europe, and we had this huge audience every time, between 30-70,000 people. And Madonna’s audience was really nice to us. They got into the music, and I think she made a good choice, because I make pop music and so does she, and I think her fans get what I do. So we had a really good time. It was a really good tour to be on.”

Watch the interview via YouTube below.

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