Robyn ‘Hang With Me’ Video Behind The Scenes

Robyn talks about her 'Hang With Me' music video has released behind the scenes footage from her ‘Hang With Me’ music video shoot. The Swedish pop star invited the cameras out to chronicle two weeks she spent on the road promoting her ‘Body Talk’ albums. Robyn and director Max Vitali discussed the video concept and why they felt it matched the song featured on ‘Body Talk Pt. 2’, out now on iTunes via Cherrytree Records.

“The idea of the video is that ‘Hang With Me’ is a very beautiful song that’s very romantic and it’s about love and being afraid to commit to someone and I felt like the song maybe was too pretty to do a performance video to. I wanted to break it up and contrast that, so my idea of filming a tour period came from that.”

Robyn seen getting her make up done in a behind the scenes clip for her 'Hang With Me' music videoDirector Max for his part said, “I guess just like on a tour there’s quite little time and you want to do a lot of things, so it’s pretty close to the real feeling in that respect.”

“Maybe filming real stuff felt really intriguing to me because it’s a way of making a video that’s not really common,” Robyn suggested. “It used to be when I was younger. I used to watch behind the scenes footage or like live videos by or and I would be really inspired and felt like I got to see something that was way different than just being able to perform. So I wanted to do something like that but at the same time not do a funny tour video because that felt maybe a little boring. So we tried to do something that tells a story or has some kind of mystique to it and has a visual identity, but at the same time something that feels real, something that feels honest.”

Watch it below.

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