Robyn Launches ‘We Dance To The Beat’ Interactive Online Experience

Robyn wedancetothebeat

has just premiered a new, first of its kind interactive experience on her website, The interactive site offers fans the ability to control over 100 video clips and sounds simultaneously. The sounds are taken from Robyn’s song ‘We Dance to the Beat’, which appears on her new album ‘Body Talk’, available now. Fans can search through the grid of video/sound clips and choose their own group of sights and sound to create their own original “beats.” They can then interact with the clips to manipulate the images and transform the sounds, in perfect sync with the beat. The interactions are stored and repeated, letting the user build patterns and rhythms in real-time. They can then publish their creation to an even larger, ever-evolving stream of unique user-created beats.

The concept for the Interactive experience was originally developed by Mary Fagot (Creative Director for Blip Boutique), and Johan Belin (Creative Director at Dinahmoe, Stockholm). A team of creatives, developers and producers was assembled from Stockholm to London, to Montreal to Los Angeles to develop the concept and bring the Interactive Beat Machine to life.

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