Rocawear Takes A Gamble With Victoria Beckham

A fashion insider spoke with the Glasgow Daily Record about former Spice Girl teaming up with Rocawear on the hip hop fashion label’s new ad campaign. “It’s a pretty daring move for Rocawear, who usually use famous faces from the rap world wearing its classic lines of baggy street gear,” the insider said. “It’s a risk using Posh Spice because hardly anyone in America will know who she is.”

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7 thoughts on “Rocawear Takes A Gamble With Victoria Beckham

  1. leodude666 says:

    They think we won’t know who she is??? Umh I don’t know anyone, including guys who didn’t like the Spice Girls in like 96-97 so I think we’d be able to recognize “Posh” Spice!

  2. www-dirrty-rocks-it says:

    why do they still call her Posh??? its called ‘Victoria Beckham’ LOL she’s so hot.

  3. dum_BLONDE says:

    WTF, why wouldn’t people in the U.S. know who she is?? She was a freaking Spice Girl, and they were huge here for awhile.

  4. nellysgirl says:

    everyone knows who she is.

  5. bsg1hbk says:

    Drop the Posh. and I think this person is wrong with hardly anyone in America will recognize her.

  6. EvanescenceSucks says:

    Even if no one recognizes her, she’s still a hot model in Rocawear clothing, which is going to get people’s attention, since most Rocawear adverts usually have guys in baggy clothing, so this is something new for them.

  7. SmellsOfStallion says:

    Posh + hip hop? That’s even worse than Justin + hip hop.

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