Rogue Traders Make “Loads Of Progress” On Fourth Album

James Ash of checked in on the electropop group’s blog at MySpace (@roguetraders) on Sunday (March 8), discussing progress on a fourth album, their first without singer and drummer Cameron McGlinchey. Ash tells readers:

I think last time I posted about how the new record has been coming together was way back last year (even though it feels just like a couple of days).

I’m delighted to say we’ve made loads of progress and as I’m typing this I’m glancing across at my Excel spreadsheet (which I use to track the developing of all the songs and the record) – and we now have exactly forty potential ideas for this record – more material than we’ve ever had for an album before.

Naturally, there’s some sh**e in there, too – but I’m really delighted there is such a pool of music to draw from as it allows us to put together a suite of songs that work together, as well as individually.

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