Romance Blossoming For Jessica Simpson & Adam Levine

While Adam Levine insists his friendship with is getting “exaggerated”, a friend of the singer tells Us Weekly: “Adam has been after her for a while.” And the pair were eyed at Teddy’s in Los Angeles on January 31st. “When these two talk, it’s like there isn’t anyone else in the room,” an onlooker at the hotspot revealed.

Says Mariah’s Grammys Were Well Deserved

February 11, 2006 – ‘The Insider’ correspondent Lara Spencer caught up with Jessica Simpson on the set of her W magazine photo shoot, where she was excited about attending the post Grammy party for Mariah Care. “I have to go to Mariah Carey’s party tonight!” Jessica gushed. “I think she deserves every Grammy she gets.”

Jessica Simpson At W Magazine Cover Shoot

February 11, 2006 – ‘Entertainment Tonight’ sat down with Jessica Simpson to talk about style and making it as cover girl of W magazine. “This is a dream cover,” Simpson gushed. “I’m so blessed to be here. I did cartwheels … my mom jumped around in circles.”

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3 thoughts on “Romance Blossoming For Jessica Simpson & Adam Levine

  1. popfan_23 says:

    Jess is so pretty, and of course she headed back to L.A. who would’ve wanted to miss Mariah’s party?

  2. hooker says:

    It’s sickening of this supposed Adam-Jessica stuff, it’s nonsense, don’t believe this supposed hype, courtesy, of paid PR’s, it will not last. because, if, Adam was connected, of the break-up, of Nick and Jessica, then, Adam, will pay the price later on, and, he will regret it forever, trust me.

  3. estephania says:

    He is just gross. In the video for “this love” he looks like he has the body of a 12 year old boy. ICK! Come on Jess, if you are going to hoe it up, at least go for some hot guys!

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