Ronan Keating Snubs Boyzone Bandmates

The sleeve of Ronan Keating’s new greatest hits album credits neither ex-manager Louis Walsh or his former bandmates. “Ronan has forgotten his roots,” a source complained to The Sun. “If it wasn’t for Boyzone and Louis Walsh he wouldn’t have a greatest hits.” Keating countered, “The songs were covers and I sang most of the vocals.”

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One thought on “Ronan Keating Snubs Boyzone Bandmates

  1. Carol H says:

    Cracks had long ago appeared in the marriage; Francine left msgs. on a hidden mobile ph. Stephen Gately suddenly dies. Ronan is devastated. Maybe all this has affected Ronan’s emotional self.
    I can’t make a judgment until I know all sides of this situation.
    Having been married for 12 yrs and being on the road, can take its toll on a singer’s marriage. I’d like to know (not that that’s possible) from Ronan perspective, WHAT exactly happened between he and Yvonne. There is such a thing as marriage counselling. If that doesn’t work, then file for divorce…better than having an affair.

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