Ronan Keating Warns Christina Aguilera

The Glasgow Daily Record reports has warned to be careful as the host of the MTV Europe Music Awards on Thursday because he ended up with an ulcer after hosting in 1999. “It’s tough. It’s a lot of work,” Keating said. “I mean, it takes a lot of preparation to get it all together, and the links as well. But I enjoyed it in the end when it was over. I actually got an ulcer coming up to it. It’s hell hell, but it’ll be fun.”

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5 thoughts on “Ronan Keating Warns Christina Aguilera

  1. stan says:

    Sorry but Christina is far more talented than you’ll ever be and why do you care anyway?? Christina will just do fine and I’m sure she’ll win at least one award tomorrow.

  2. amusicfanofsoul says:

    I’m a huge Christina fan…but honestly…i think she will suck! she’s not entertaining when it comes to comedy. I know she can entertain the roof off with her voice alone…but she’s no comedian….she’s too serious. and she’s a reader.

  3. jimmypee says:

    Christina will be great. she’s got a crude sarcastic sense of humor just like all the Brits.

  4. hellahooked says:

    amusicfan, I agree with what you said. Christina is not entertaining.. so uninteresting and I think she will ruin the show.

  5. looker says:

    Who the hell is this loser to give Christina advice….Ronan effing Who…. wasn’t he in a boy band in 1992 or 93. Maybe he was so worried and stressed out because he knew his career was going down the drain,,the untalented bastard

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