Root Of Mariah And Madonna Rivalry Unearthed

fourfour unearthed a video clip of in 1995 reacting to a remark from that she’d kill herself if she were Mariah, during the time when the Material Girl had trouble selling albums, while Mariah was pumping out #1 hits. “I really haven’t paid attention to Madonna since like 7th or 8th grade when she used to be popular,” Carey said. Read more and watch the Carey diss here.

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12 thoughts on “Root Of Mariah And Madonna Rivalry Unearthed

  1. AFStud501 says:

    Uh-Oh! Here we go agaon. This rivalry is 10 years old… After a long debate with Edward Alex, I’m over it. Can we move on from this subject? Luv Ya Much – Buh-Bye!

  2. mandysdandy says:

    I’ll give Mariah credit, her comeback comment was actually pretty good. However, I can’t fault Madonna for her comment. Hell, anyone who writes sappy lyrics should be shot and thrown into the ocean. Mariah is elated that she’s selling well now but targeting the lowest common denominator as an audience will almost always guarantee big sales. The girl can’t help it as cheese just oozes out of her pores. However, home girl can’t sell out venues anymore as Madonna can and has to resort to promoting herself at concerts like Live 8 since that is probably one of the last times she see a turn-out like that ever again. Finally her voice is almost shot as evidenced at the BET awards that she has to resort to lip-syncing. Everyone knows that she can’t dance and if she can’t sing anymore what use is she?Oh well, she can always open up fat farms with all the money’s she’s got.

  3. EdwardAlex says:

    to be honest i am sure whoever started this new rumor got the idea from this 10 year old feud.

  4. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    Yeah, she’s right…. Madonna hasn’t really had any BIG hits in over a decade….. What’s the point? Mariah is way better because she’s actually got some talent!

    The Mariah diss was, like, 10 years ago as I understand it and she hasn’t commented’, ‘since. Her comeback is well deserved and I’m glad to see someone with talent doing so well instead of people like Madonna and her worshipers who have none just getting lucky! It’s time true talent take over the airwaves, and that seems to be happening. With Backstreet back on the radio, Mariah doing exceptionally well, Kelly Clarkson doing as good as she’s done….I’m elated that this is happening!

  5. EdwardAlex says:

    music, die another day, frozen, ray of light, power of goodbye, drowned world, AL ->’, ‘Don’t Tell Me, Beautiful Stranger, American Pie… You are joking right?

    Both are amazing artists with great voices and beautiful faces and bodies. Not to mention a good sense of business. Lets not fuel this rumor… its silly and thats what the person is trying to start.

  6. weebongo says:

    Mariah used to be a puppet to her label, she’s admitted it many times. Mariah has often said in interviews she couldn’t dress the way she wanted to or give off an image of herself that she wanted. Mariah had to do what she was told and she did. Off course Madonna would kill herself if she was such a weak and pathetic person like Mariah. Pop tarts don’t come any more manufactured then Mariah.

  7. AFStud501 says:

    This is the case with most beginning pop stars: kelly clarkson, britney, bsb, nsync’, ‘they all start off under strict rules by their label. then once they prove their talent, they are abl eto come out of their shells. mariah has not been influenced by Sony, well over 10 years. her success now – is all her. Regardless, mariah was born talented. You cannot manufacture true talent.

  8. ilovechristinaaguilera says:

    At least give credit where credit is due. (RO)’, ‘if u think she should be shot 4 her lyrics (or whatever) fine but those lyrics have been keeping her going. Oh, and her voice isn’t gone. Everybody has a bad performance. And if her voice is gone, she can still write and produce songs 4 other people. Guess she’s set up 4 life, right?

  9. TiggerBoi26 says:

    Actually Madonna has have many hits in the past decade: Beautiful Stranger – 1,700,000, American Pie – – 2,500,000, Music – 3,500,000,Don’t Tell Me – 2,100,000 , What It Feels Like For A Girl -1,000,000, Die Another Day – 1,700,000 and these numbers were certified in 2001 and 2002 which means the numbers are most likly higher. She had 5 hit singles in 2003 if you look at the global charts. Several went to number 1 in many countrys. Almost all her singles have topped the dance chart and sales chart in the US, not to mention the global charts. The American Life album went to #1 globally and sold over 6 million copies worldwide. Not bad after 22 years in the business, and the fact that American Radio banned the whole album.. She has had 17 #1 dance singles in the past ten years alone. 35 all together. This is just the tip of the iceburg on what Madonna has managed to do. And I really think her next album will do much better. Everytime she slips a little she comes back fast and hard. I love Madonna, I like some of Mariah too. Madonna does not usually talk about someone unless they have really done something that gives her a reason to. So if she did not really want Mariah around her it was for a reason. And I am sure sales has nothing to do with it. They both have had what is considered flops for them, but there flops where not really flops if you look at what is really considered a hit, and the global sales make a huge difference. What flops here may be a huge hit somewhere else.

  10. weebongo says:

    The time period when Mariah made that comment (1995) Madonna had her longest charting single on the Hot 100, ‘Take A Bow’. Madonna was still very big then and was on top of the music world again when ‘Ray Of Light’ and ‘Music’ hit.

  11. MariahCareyFreak says:

    WOW THE HATERS ARE OUT STRONG’, ‘HATERS=LOSERS! You really are losers you waste your time hating on Mariah Carey. You say you do it for fun? Well I’m not going to say something to you losers but… WE BELONG TOGETHER #1 2 WEEKS IN ROW 6 WEEKS TOTAL THE EMANCIPATION OF MIMI 3x Platinum! #1 album!

  12. Louis Mariano says:

    the root of this is quite simple… in a printed interview Madonna was quoted as saying… She’d rather kill herself than be Mariah Carey…. HOWEVER the writer and editor of that article didnt print that quote in its complete context….. The writer asked madonna what she thought of Mariah Carey’s work ethic and about how Mariah pumped out 2 albums a year…. And Madonna responded by saying ” I could never put out two albums in one year…. thats really a lot of WORK.. i think i’d rather kill myself than be Mariah Carey” However the writer and editor decided they wanted a juicy article and decided to edit Madonnas quote to only say “id rather kill myself than be mariah carey”
    they didnt give you the context of the question that was placed to Madonna so that you could understand the context of her answer…..

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