Rosie: Britney Spears’ Money Buys Detachment

Rosie O’Donnell has weighed in on Britney Spears’ decision to shave her head in a posting on her blog at on Saturday (February 17). Rosie writes:

brittney shaved her hair

out out damn spot

in the movie in my mind

she says yes

help me

and i do


we both connect – get through

she is saved

somehow so am i

the bottom for a celebrity

has too much cushion

money buys detachment

no responsibility

many moms –

of kids in ur sons class

want to shave their hair off

and get a tattoo

they dont because they cant

noone is there 2 watch the kids

what would the neighbors say


the pta meeting

would be humiliating

on many levels

real life

can save u


u have to – no choice

super rich 24 yr olds

who have spent half their lives


mary kate and ashley

miss britt

same same same

i want them to come live with us


thinking there is healing here

it worked for me

u can carve out something real

there in pretend-ville

real life awaits

as perspective shifts

compassion aids healing

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