Round One Goes To The Ladies

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Competition among artists has always brought their creative skills to a higher notch; lately however competition between the sexes is now going to another level as female artists challenge their male counterparts & give them a run for their money. In the never-ending battle of the sexes, the females seem to be getting the upper hand in music since the start of the 21st century. Women like Madonna, Norah Jones, Cher, Celine Dion & Mariah Carey have been breaking or matching a lot of music records these past years and it is quite surprising that only a few years before having a female album or single debut at no.1 in the U.S. or the U.K. was quite a feat in itself.

Female legends like Madonna, Celine Dion & Mariah Carey made notable additions to their already brilliant careers as they continued to break records. Last year Celine Dion has been awarded by the World Music Awards as the Biggest Selling Female Artist of All Time selling more than 175 million albums and around 30 million singles in the process. Madonna’s return to the charts-“Confessions On A Dance Floor” has produced the Queen of Pop’s 36 top 10 single. With this total Madge is now tied with Elvis as the Artists with the most number of Top 10 hits in the U.S. Madonna has also broken her own record in the U.K. when Hung Up became her 11th No.1 single there. 90’s Pop Queen Mariah earned her 17th no.1 in the U.S. just recently. Now Mariah is tied with the Beatles at No.2 and is now only behind Elvis for the record of most No.1 singles.

The “Rookie Females” aren’t left behind by their seniors because they were also trail-blazers in their own right. September 2004, Norah Jones released “Feels Like Home”-the follow-up to the highly successful album “Come Away With Me”. In the first week she has sold a whopping 1.92 million albums worldwide and broke the record for the Biggest First Week Sales by an Adult Contemporary. Earlier this year Britney Spears was announced as the Biggest Selling Artist of the past five years (2000-2005) with album sales of over 75 million albums and 20 million singles to date.

So in the ongoing battle of sexes in music, our ladies clearly have the upper hand for the past five years. But whether they could hold on to this dominance is too early to say. There is a good chance though for big female artists like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Whitney Houston and Janet Jackson are set to release their new material in while Madonna’s latest effort Confessions On A Dancefloor goes full swing next year. (sources: IFPI, Warner Music, Jive Records & Mediatraffic)

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