Ruben Chimes In On Us Weekly And People Articles

webmaster/analyst Ruben Garay shared his thoughts on the cover articles run in Us Weekly and People magazine on Britney. Ruben said both provided good information, while traveling on completely opposite roads, and talked about some sort of inside knowledge he had on Justin and Britney’s other romances. Ruben writes, “First off, she was linked with Brian Friedman, that was ridiculous, Brian drives the car on the other side of the road and the media should know that by now, in fact, it was so hilarious to see some tabloids pointing out Brian as her fling while showing a picture of her dancer Leo, describing him as Brian. There was also the rumor about Justin and Janet Jackson, which sprung from the Enquirer, this was a rumor that was planted for fun by someone in high places who lives in Los Angeles, the plan was to do one for Britney too with one of her ex-dancers but that didn’t happen. I know who did it, but the name doesn’t matter. Then of course, there was the thing with Wade Robson, even US Weekly states that ‘friends close to the star’ insisted that there was something going on, and according to what I know, there was, but, who in their right mind would admit to that something happened, and especially Wade himself, who’s a very good friend of Justin, that would just not be right.”

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