Ruben Chooses Himself As Next ‘Idol’; Clay Is More Humble

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In a recent article for People Magazine, they asked the two ‘American Idol’ finalists who were their original picks to win:

PEOPLE: “Original pick to win?”
CLAY: “From day one, for sure I thought Frenchie.”

PEOPLE: “Who did you think would win from day one?”
RUBEN: “Me.”
PEOPLE: “Did you really?”
RUBEN: “Yep.”

Says Everyone Is An ‘Idol’ Critic

May 17, 2003 – Ousted ‘American Idol’ Kimberley Locke was on Entertainment Tonight where she revealed that it wasn’t always easy in the spotlight — especially having to hear critiques from everyone in America — including her friends! “We’re so vulnerable … sometimes I don’t think people understand that,” she explained. “Even when we call home people were like, ‘I really didn’t like what you were wearing … or I don’t think you should do that.’ When we were getting it from you guys and everybody else, sometimes when we call home, we don’t want to hear it!”

ET Visits Ruben Studdard’s Hometown

May 14, 2003 – The city of Birmingham is so enthusiastic about their hometown hero and ‘American Idol’ finalist Ruben Studdard that they’ve posted giant billboards around town saying, ‘Go Ruben!’ “The billboards are just an example of how much Birmingham supports Ruben,” Alvin Garrett, Ruben’s business partner and bandmate in God’s Gift and Just a Few Cats tells Entertainment Tonight. “This is the biggest thing and most positive thing that’s happened to our area in such a long time, and everyone here is rallying behind him to make sure that he represents our city and our state in the most positive way.”

Randy Jackson Calls New ‘Idol’ Cast ‘Boring’

May 14, 2003 – ‘American Idol’ judge Randy Jackson tells TV Guide that he’s “bored” by the performances of the final few contestants. “In the last couple of weeks, people have been telling me: ‘Dude, you’ve gotten so mean’,” he says. Simon Cowell also weighed in on the comparisons of the two seasons. “I miss the showmanship of [Justin Guarini] and [Tamyra Gray],” Simon says. “I think some of these contestants have tried too hard to play it safe.”

Josh Gracin On His ‘American Idol’ Experience

May 14, 2003 – Josh Gracin told Entertainment Tonight exactly what went through his mind when he heard his name called on ‘American Idol’ last week, eliminating him from the competition. “I was going, ‘Okay, if I make it past this week I get to go home and I get to sing the national anthem for the Detroit Pistons playoff game’ — an exciting thing,” he said. “Then I was thinking if I was voted off, I was trying to calm myself down and say, ‘You’ve had a good run here, hopefully you’ve opened some doors and you’ve done your best and you’ve gotten this far.’ And next thing you know it’s, ‘Josh you’re out, KIM you’re safe,’ and I was able to take it very calmly.”

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