Ruben Meets Britney On ‘Me Against The Music’ Video Set webmaster Ruben was given the opportunity to be on the set of Britney Spears’ video shoot for ‘Me Against The Music’, and while he couldn’t share details of what happens in the actual video because he had to sign a confidentiality agreement with Britney’s management, he did describe the trip and seeing and Spears up close while filming the video. Describing the moment of meeting his idol, Ruben said, “Then the moment came….John called us, and we walked towards Britney’s trailer, stepped inside, and there she was…..she was wearing black jeans, a white ribbed see through tank top and a black bra. She had a lot of make-up on but of course, it’s the shooting of a music video. We came in and she just looked at us, and greeted us with a handshake, John once again introduced Jean as the auction winner and me as his guest and the owner of her biggest fansite online. Britney pulled out two promo pictures and asked us how we spelled our names, and then signed them for us. When she asked me for mine, I asked her…’You don’t remember me do you? From back in March, at the Cancer Rally?’ and the John came in and told her that we had made a movie and that I was one of the ones that got to ask her a question from the press stands, Britney was nodding all the time, but I don’t know if she actually remembered me, but, it didn’t matter, I had the most beautiful girl in front of me, she was totally shining. She is so much more beautiful in real life than in pictures, I couldn’t believe someone could look this flawless in real life.”

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8 thoughts on “Ruben Meets Britney On ‘Me Against The Music’ Video Set

  1. Madfan says:

    It will flop. Period.

  2. B0rntoplay says:

    Sure. Just like all her other albums have “flopped.” Keep dreaming.

    I’m so jealous. Lucky Ruben, but he does deserve it. But meeting Britney! Ahh. So Lucky

  3. anti_avril says:

    It wont be a flop! It will be one of the most anticipated CD releases in 03′! I can’t wait until it comes out!

  4. outrageous4u says:

    So damn lucky dream come true for him the video and album will be so awesome.

  5. promisemewings says:

    Ruben gets on my nerves. That naive boy-child lives in his own little head.

  6. jimmypee says:

    Well I should think she SHOULD look better in real life than in pictures…. girl ain’t no oil painting.

  7. babet says:

    He’s a Britney fans so of course she would appear “flawless”. Britney fans refuse to accept ANYTHING negative about Britney. they’ve come up with every excuse in the book to defend her….. ie. – Britney smoking…..she’s 21 let the girl live!!! – Britney has sex with celeb – its a lie!! – Britney wears tacky clothes – its….a different style! – Britney talks like a moron – she’s such a cutie!! – Britney can’t sing – she dances! – Britney’s song sucked – it wasn’t the “official” version! – Britney’s career is fading – the tabloids still talk about her! – Britney cheated on Justin – it’s Justin’s fault! – Britney has no talent – she’s so pretty! – Britney is aging….rapidly – she’s so pretty – Britney’s boobs are fake – she’s so pretty – Britney lies – ……………… all of this points back to publicity and more publicity to sell records.

    I admit…. I like some of her clothes……but that’s as far as it goes. she USED to have a good stylist……now her stylist must be some sort of crack head or something

  8. B0rntoplay says:

    Ah…the irony. This Britney hater lecturing Britney fans for their false perception of reality. Right…like you accept anything positive about Britney.

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