Ruby Stewart Plans On Following In Dad’s Musical Footsteps

OK! magazine caught up with Rod Stewart’s daughters Kimberly, 26, and Ruby, 17, and asked Ruby if she had a CD coming out. “I had a demo to show people, but it’s not really me,” the more attractive of the two siblings said. “It was more R&B, and I’m more into rock n’ roll and blues and things… I just need my band and someone to produce us and everything – it’s a long process. Especially when you’re in school – you have to balance it all. But it’s exciting.” Asked when she realized she had a good voice, Ruby responded, “I don’t think any singer knows they have a great voice. You just know you love singing, and in the beginning when people don’t run out of the room while you’re doing it, you get the feeling that ‘Hey, maybe I’m good at this’.”

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