Russell Brand Films Kissing Scenes With Pink, Katy Perry

Russell Brand spoke with The Sun about kissing and while filming ‘Get Him To The Greek’, the follow-up to ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’, where he reprises his role as frisky rocker Aldous Snow. “In the scenes with Pink and Katy Perry I had to do kissing. I got to snog them both in a day,” Brand told Gordon Smart. “Katy Perry is lovely. She is the kind of girl who would skip down stairs lightly. Pink is a lovely woman — a forceful, sexy woman. With both of them I didn’t act, the acting stopped.” Brand also filmed a scene with for the movie while on the Paramount set, where he hosted the MTV Video Music Awards. “Christina was amazing,” he said. “She is unbelievable — a perfect object. How could you ever talk to her about anything other than sex?” Read more.

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