Russell Brand: I’ve Retired From Womanizing At The Top Of My Game

Russell Brand spoke with The Sun about how his life as a serial womanizer is over now that he’s due to marry later this year. “I think I’ve earned the right to wear leather trousers,” the comedian told the tabloid. “I have done the groundwork, the statistics speak for themselves. The people I’ve shagged! Believe it, I’ve retired at the top of my game. I didn’t leave them hanging around on the fringes, I went out at the top – to an American pop star.”

“Obviously it’s not ideal, but I’ve met somebody I’ve fallen in love with,” Russell said of their often long distance romance. “She’s a pop star and it’s going to be difficult. I’ve just got to accept it. We are getting married before the end of the year. It’s starting to become a bit more real now.”

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