Ry Cuming Discusses Influences, Surfing & Twitter

Young Hollywood’s Tatiana Diana spoke with on the set of his new music video ‘Always Remember Me’, where they talked about the inspiration behind his new song, being born and bred a surfer, how he describes his sound, and how he has a Twitter but hasn’t used it.

“We’re shooting on the beach because it’s a song I wrote about kind of Santa Monica and love lost and love gained. Really kind of a personal song for me so I’m really excited to do a video for it,” Ry said about the music video.

On the love lost and gained angle, he said, “I think life has its journeys and throws things at you. I moved over to LA with a girlfriend of mine from Australia and we lived in a little place in Santa Monica together, just down the coast from here, and it was just one of those things. You drift apart sometimes and it’s very natural but, this song I guess for me was a song about release and just letting go.”

“I’ve had a lot of different influences, from Motown all the way through Jeff Buckley,” Cuming explained. “I think it’s just a combination of growing up on the coast and living in some rock n’ roll cities. A little bit of rock n’ roll and a little bit of beach. It’s really intimate kind of stuff.”

Watch the interview below.

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