Ry Cuming On The Amazing Experience Of Touring With Maroon 5

Ry Cuming

The Miami Herald caught up with Ry Cuming in a Q&A, asking the Australian singer songwriter about what fans can expect from his concerts, the intimacy that acoustic shows provide, if he had a desire to be a star, being greatly influenced by Jeff Buckley, touring with and if he had been to Miami before.

“Those lads are actually mates of mine. I’ve known them for quite a while, and we have made a lot of music together over the years,” Ry said about opening for Adam Levine and company. “When my record came out, they asked me to open for them for a handful of shows, then some more, then more, then in Australia as well. And it has been a pretty amazing experience, playing to those big audiences on that grand scale.”

Update: The interview at miamiherald.com has since been removed.

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