Ry Cuming Talks About Debut Album

Ry Cuming at Village Studios talking about his debut album for Jive Records is featured in an electronic press kit from Village Studios in Los Angeles as he worked on his debut album for Jive Records.

“It’s been a really amazing experience, being here at the studio and getting to work on all these songs which I’ve been writing over the past couple of years,” the Australian singer says. “It’s the first time I’ve really heard them come out to their full potential.”

Ry added that his influences span from the ’70s singer songwriters as well as Motown and “some real rock and roll tracks which feel really new and contemporary. A combination of all these different things which have influenced me throughout my whole life.”

Talking about how his life experiences influence his music, Ry said, “It’s really exciting to get to pair all of these things about my travel, surfing, living in LA and experiencing different cities and places, just pushing it all together into just writing and trying to be really honest. I really try to pour as much of myself into this and show as many different sides of me. It’s a real portrayal of who I am and it’s all these things kind of coming into one, so it’s really exciting for me.”

Watch the EPK below the cut.

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