Ryan Adams Blasts ‘Gross Chunky Cheerleader’ Britney

In a posting on his fan site message board on July 4th, Ryan Adams talked about meeting in Los Angeles, and was obviously not impressed. He writes, “I met Britney Spears in a LA nightclub called BLUE. They have it acros the steet from Boardners on Cherokee/ next to LA Deuux. Anyway, what a fu**ing gross chunky cheerleader she was.
She had stubby body builder legs and she just reaked. Fu**ing bad sunglasses in a bad LA party. In any event, whatever low cut show more skin thing she was trying to pull off on TV, all those times was pure distraction from her horrible Florida white trash body. Like Berolina, but actually that stupid and un attractive but just not being given the credit for it, must be a homely piece if he was feeding her the much. She looked like a germophobe.”

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