Ryan Cabrera And Ashlee Simpson Break Up

Kane of 93.3 FLZ spoke with who revealed that he and just broke up last night. Cabrera has been touring with Ashlee’s sister Jessica Simpson, and is managed by the Simpson’s father Joe.

Is Supportive Of Ashlee’s CD Success

Despite Ashlee Simpson’s debut album ‘Autobiography’ outselling anything produced by her sister in a single week, Jessica Simpson has been supportive. “She told me she listens to my CD every night before she goes onstage,” Ashlee told In Touch magazine. Ashlee also talked about Jessica’s tour mate, and her boyfriend, Ryan Cabrera. “We try to see each other at least once a week,” she said, adding that he’s “my best friend.”

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5 thoughts on “Ryan Cabrera And Ashlee Simpson Break Up

  1. JnChrisFan1 says:

    NO….. I really liked him and her together. They were cute and he was a good guy. I also liked Josh (the x factor), man oh man did he look good.

  2. Meggz75 says:

    I thought they broke up a long time ago? I liked them together, oh well, these things happen.

  3. wem07 says:

    Oh, again? I thought this has happened b4?2 bad, you know that they’re gonna get back together eventually

  4. Maddie says:

    Ashlee is good but she owes her popularity to Jessica’s popularity!, her sister made the path for the Simpson family. By the way, I just saw Jessica in Bryant Park in NYC today on the Good Morning America summer concert series, and boy is she gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……much prettier than a Barbie doll, her hair was platinum blonde and perfectly done and she had the nicest tan, she was thin and cute, was very very nice to the crowd and just the most beautiful thing I’ve seen after Mariah Carey.

  5. emersongirl says:

    Maybe Jessica is supportive cause she’s knows Ashlee ain’t no competition to her.. Sadly that girl will forever be known as Jessica Simpson’s little sister.

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