Ryan Cabrera Checks In From The Greek Isle Of Mykonos

updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@ryancabrera) on Tuesday (September 2). Ryan writes:

Hey all,

Wanted to to say I am having a blast in Greece right now. I came out here for four days to the Greek isle of Mykonos!! I am on a mission to finally find out how to properly pronounce the amazing dish called a Gyro!!! Haha it is a debate I have found myself in many any times in America so I must find out!!

I’m gonna take a lot of pictures so when I get back, I will be posting all the pics from my trip. The food is amazing out here and the island is gorgeous!

I’m gonna go rent a moped now and travel the land.. wish me luck cause I have no idea where anything is and I am not taking a map.. and also because I have been known to be one of the very few to continuously crash a moped!!


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