S Club Tina Barrett’s Stalker Jailed

Steven Hindley, a 40 year-old man who stalked former star Tina Barrett for months, bombarding her with a string of threatening e-mails and letters, has been jailed for six months. The man spent thousands of pounds on gifts for Tina but his harmless messages soon turned bizarre and sinister, including an e-mail telling the star he was going to hack her to death.

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2 thoughts on “S Club Tina Barrett’s Stalker Jailed

  1. Stallion says:

    Poor Elgato. I feel bad for him and Bringmetolife if they have to stalk people to get attention.

    ^Well at least we know what happen to them.

  2. Dave Yognaught says:

    The Yosgscast brought me here.

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