Sabrina Bryan Talks ‘Dancing With The Stars’ With ‘Reality Chat’

‘Dancing with the Stars’ alum and former Cheetah Girl visited the ladies from TV Guide’s ‘Reality Chat’ and offered her informed opinion on the remaining ‘DWTS’ contestants’ moves.

Sabrina said she’s been amazed by Lil Kim’s growth so far and how it’s nice to see a different side of her, while she said Shaun Johnson has a lot of pressure to be age appropriate being under 18, hoping she lets loose if she makes it to the finals.

Sabrina also talked about her book ‘Princess of Gossip’. “I had an idea that came up actually through MySpace,” Bryan said of the project. “It was just an idea to kind of create what would be a really young Perez Hilton.” The interview at YouTube has since been removed.

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3 thoughts on “Sabrina Bryan Talks ‘Dancing With The Stars’ With ‘Reality Chat’

  1. cindy says:

    Sabrina Bryan is just so stunning and so full of life in her interviews. Princess of Gossip is a good book. Wish we could see her dance again on DWTS……

  2. jeff says:

    She is HOT

  3. cheryl says:

    She needs a talk show. She is just so bubbly and very vivacious. Sabrina you deserve everything in life. You are going to get it. Love to follow you on twitter. <3 u.

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