Sabrina Bryan’s St. Patrick’s Day Fun On The Piano

Sabrina Bryan showed off her piano skills (or not) in a video posted at the former Cheetah Girls’ YouTube channel. “I promised I would keep the the love coming and I have something for you,” Bryan writes on her blog at MySpace (@sabrinabryan?). “My friend Rye and I love to goof around. I hung out with his family for the St. Patty’s Day weekend and had soooo much fun. He and his mom were showing me around and I stumbled on this piano and instantly had an idea for a video!!! Hope you guys like it. I have lots more so keep checking in… muah!!!” Watch it below.

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2 thoughts on “Sabrina Bryan’s St. Patrick’s Day Fun On The Piano

  1. Donna C says:

    These videos that Sabrina makes for her fans are just the best! She is so generous to keep her fans entertained, which is exactly what we are when we watch them. Sabrina has fun wherever she goes, and she is just a joy to watch!!

  2. Kevin says:

    Love Sabrina

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