Sales Do Matter

One of the biggest battles on this chart for as long as I can remember is the on going battle between and . Fans on both side always argue that the other is more concerned with sales that actual talent. Yes, Christina has a great voice, but so does and Whitney Houston. They both last there record deal at one point in there career and are currently trying to revive their career. Mariah writes all her music, produce, compose. A true talent to be exact. But, just look at where they both are. Britney on the other hand is not as good of a singer as Christina, and is constantly mocked for being more of an entertainer than a real singer.

The on thing all fans seem to forget is that both Britney and Christina are PRODUCTS. They are hired by record companies to make money for them in return. They record an album, create an image for both of them, and market that image to us. The talent factor is always last. That why there are people with amazing voice that will never get a record deal or amazing artist out the right now loosing there record deals. The most important factor in all artist careers is the sales. If the artist is no longer in demand/selling then they are considered disposable and there record contract is gone in the blink of an eye, no matter how amazing of an artist they are. If either Britney or Christina is no longer in demand/selling then both of there career is over for that time, because some artist do make a comeback.

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