Sam Beeton Talks About How He Got Discovered

Sam Beeton, seen here in a dimly lit room, talks about how he got discovered, what the song 'What U Look For' is all about and how there's a lot of women out there for himSinger-songwriter spoke with ITN about how he got started and all about the new single ‘What U Look For’, from the album ‘No Definite Answer’.

“I was spotted playing in a bar and a fella made a recording of me playing live,” Beeton said about how he got discovered. “He was playing it one day and his next door neighbor heard it and he knew a producer. It’s just one of those strange stories. I was still at school and had a record contract offered.”

“I think if you get dumped or do some dumping, you see that person,” Sam said about ‘What U Look For’. “You know you’re not really bothered, but as soon as you see them again with someone else you start doing little stupid things.”

Asked if he’s popular with the ladies, Beeton responded, “I’m not complaining. I mean there’s a lot of women in there.”

Watch the interview via YouTube below.

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