Sandi Thom Looks To Break The Blues Guitarist Gender Barrier

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@sandithom) on Wednesday (July 29), talking about a last minute request by blues artist Joe Bonamassa to join him on tour for a week, where she noticed a lack of gender equality. The Scottish singer songwriter tells readers:

Over the course of that week I noticed a distinct lack of girls at the gigs. Women peppered the audience, few worked behind the scenes and I was the only girl working the stage! It gave me cause to question this unbalanced male/female ratio, to address it and perhaps one day challenge it.

The music industry, especially the Blues world is still very much a “Man’s world” as James Brown used to declare, but with some shrewd foresight the Godfather followed up that line with “but it wouldn’t be nothing without woman”.

And so, to that end I’ve been inspired to become the first “chick” that can play the blues like Clapton, BB, Bonamassa, Albert King and all the other great guitarists!

I’ve already bought myself a 6 string Gibson Les Paul so now I’m just waiting for a rainy day and a general down in the dumps disposition to get me in the mood and feeling kinda blue!

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One thought on “Sandi Thom Looks To Break The Blues Guitarist Gender Barrier

  1. melissa says:

    yes, I’m a girl guitarist, and there’s definately not enough of us, it seems like about 80% of guitar players are guys, and most of the time , they talk to you like , since you’re a girl , you must not know anything about guitar, but honestly when I talked to some of them, most of them were full of crap , and I was better than a lot of them

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