Sandi Thom Recording New Album At Sawmills Recording Studios

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@sandithom) on Thursday (September 3), discussing her week at Sawmills Recording Studios in Cornwall, where the Scottish singer-songwriter will be recording her third album in December. Thom writes:

The studio itself is legendary and has hosted a number of great bands over the years. It’s where Oasis recorded their first album, Definitely Maybe, and The Stone Roses their single, Fools Gold. Muse, The Verve, Stiff Little Fingers – the list goes on – all have found their way to this spot on the Cornish coast.

Armed with a collection of essential instruments and some choice reading material, nothing short of a smash, No 1 classic is expected. That was the plan anyway. The creative juices were going to cascade from my noodle into a melting pot of original thought. Poetry, philosophy and music would then be added and churned into a musical pudding. Best laid schemes and all that, though. In the time I’ve been here I’ve tried on every item of clothing in my bag, the chords escape me and I’ve taken to watching daytime TV. Am I procrastinating? Do I have writer’s block?

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