Sara Bareilles Offers ‘Little Voice’ At A Discount For Students

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@sarabareilles) on Tuesday (July 21), talking about a discount deal for her major label debut ‘Little Voice’ for students. The singer songwriter tells readers:

It’s a scenario I know all too well. You’re a college kid and you try to make a package of ramen last for two meals. That’s why that little sheet of noodles comes in two layers, right? Wrong. I get it though. I did all sorts of things to make the money stretch. I lived at the dollar store. I made meals of condiment bars in the food court, and especially Mexican restaurants. (yay salsa and jalepenos!) I microwaved coffee I made the day before. Still do that. Don’t tell the cool kids.

Long story short…. (too late) We’re doing a deal for you kids with a .EDU ADDRESS. Here it is.

Digital album is $12.99. If you enter your .edu email address you will be sent a discount code for $7.99 which will allow you to buy the digital version of ‘Little Voice’ for $5.00!

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