Sara Bareilles Pens New Song & Is Working On Next Record

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@sarabareilles) on Tuesday (December 16). The Los Angeles based singer songwriter tells readers:

I recently wrote a new song. I’ve been doing a lot of that lately actually, as I’m finding myself getting ready to have a bit more time on my hands. At this point I’m taking a few weeks of much needed time off to start thinking about the next chapter, the next record, the new batch of songs, everything. The prospect of a whole month to myself to just hole up and get cozy with the idea of creating new music, and reconnecting with my life at home is incredible. And fu**ing scary.

The song is called Anchors Away and that’s how I feel right now. even though it seems a bit counterintuitive that spending more time at home would feel like setting out to sea, but it’s true. I’m simply not used to it. We have been so blessed this year with a million and one adventures, amazing touring experiences, nights out on the town, dance parties, injuries, arguments, laughter, all wrapped up as an oddly perfect collection of memories. And I’m so grateful.

I wish I could give you guys an idea of what to expect (if you are interested in expecting anything) but to be totally honest, I’m not really sure myself. There is nothing concrete at this point other than the fact that yes I am working on the next record and the writing process is the coolest experiment I’ve experienced up to this point. I’m trying to push myself in all sorts of directions to see what feels good. What is the most fun to sing, to play, to talk about…whatever. It’s incredibly inspiring for me, and I can’t wait to share all these ideas with you eventually. I’m sure some of you will be stoked and some of you will be pissed with what comes out, but that’s life and I’ve learned to embrace how incredibly diverse my fans are. I truly feel like you guys are the coolest, most rock-solid group of people out there and so thanks for listening up to this point.

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