Sarah Connor And Marc Terenzi Announce Separation

German pop singer Sarah Connor, 28, and her husband Marc Terenzi, 30, have announced the end of their 4 1/2 year marriage. The couple, who were featured in the German reality show ‘Sarah and Marc in Love’, have two children, Tyler, 4, and Summer, 2. Marc, formerly of Natural, and Sarah announced in a statement Sunday that their friendship and love for each other will continue. “We’re sorry, for us, our children and families. The roots of this development have their originating far back and whatever now that is in the media has nothing to do with the true reasons for our separation.” Check out more details in a posting at Sarah’s blog at MySpace (@sarahconnor).

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5 thoughts on “Sarah Connor And Marc Terenzi Announce Separation

  1. larisa says:

    That is so sad!! they were perfect! so much for “baby tell me how can I tell you that I love you more than life”

  2. holgi holster says:

    Marc is stupid! what was it he sang in the song ‘love to be loved’? he said they’ll stay together forever and now this!!!;-( they were a pretty couple! this is pretty sad!

  3. saku says:

    I love both of them and their songs,they’re perfect couple and a perfect singers,but now,,why :(

  4. Bubble says:

    What the heck is in my head now? I’ve known Love to be loved by you for 1 month from now Dec 18, 09. I try to find out how much love from Marc to Sarah but Hix hix hix. The song is worthless to them now? Hope they can continue love to be loved by each other.

  5. ivy says:

    sooooooo saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad…………………………….!

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