Sarah Harding’s Ex Tells All About Steamy Sex Romps

Girls Aloud star has fallen victim to an ex-lover selling his story to News of the World. Mechanic John Turnbull says he was bowled over when she begged him for sex as they strolled past a local cricket club in Stockport, Greater Manchester. “She said she wanted to make love in the middle of the pitch,” recalled John, 22. “It was night-time, but it had been a hot summer’s day and we’d had a few drinks. Sarah said she was feeling really horny. I was shocked but I wasn’t about to argue. She led me across the grass and we were both grabbing at each other and giggling. We got into the middle and she pulled down my trousers. Then she pushed me down where the wicket would have been and climbed on me. Sarah really enjoyed making love with her on top. It turned her on to be in control. She had a little T-shirt and I remember her breasts bouncing up and down.”

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3 thoughts on “Sarah Harding’s Ex Tells All About Steamy Sex Romps

  1. anti_avril says:

    Who is Sarah Harding?

  2. scottd710199 says:

    This might suprise you But this board is not all about USA artists. For crying out loud why do Yanks think that the world revolves around them? I guess you must be taught that at school. I mean if you see a post about a band or artist that might be huge elsewhere outside the GOLDFISH BOWL that is the USA then take some time to educate yourself. Believe it or not you don’t have the best music in the world. The UK and Australia do. What if we in Britain were to say who is Mandy Moore Who Is Pink etc etc. I mean I’m guessing you lot have no idea who THE SUGABABES ARE OR ROBBIE WILLIAMS OR ATOMIC KITTEN OR WESTLIFE. All of whom are some of the biggest bands in the world outside Yankland

  3. anti_avril says:

    scottd7 that makes no sense! you REALLY need to get laid. Seriously

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