Sarah Martin Explains N-Word Usage

has posted a response to the firestorm of controversy caused by her “Peace, Nigga” diary sign-off the other day. She writes: “My goodness…I guess I have some explaining to do, huh?? Just so you all know, I haven’t read any of the posts since this “n” word issue. Am I scared to? I guess deep down…ya maybe. (I don’t deal with confrontation very well. I’m very strong on many levels, but confrontation is not my forte’.) The girls told me some of the responses and I think I get the point.”

“Starting from about 7th grade, my ONLY friends were African
American. That was just my crew/crowd. Always has been. Alex was my FIRST Caucasion boyfriend. If you had all seen my Wedding party, you would have seen Kristin and Leighanne and my girls. My best friends are African American. THEY call ME nigga’. What they mean when they call me nigga’ is….sweetie. Homey. Dawg. I say this to my Mom. To my dearest, closest friends. They know me and where I have come from and what kinds of people I associate with. When basketball players call each other nigga’ out there on the court, its never meant to be a racial remark. When I lived in a big old house in New York with Tim, Missy Elloitt, Ginuwine, Tweet and others, I was the “token white girl” and what did they refer to me as ??? They’re nigga’. (God, now I’m starting to get offended just by typing the word so damn many times. YIKES!!) I guess I feel its a universal word in many ways. Now don’t get me wrong. If I were to hear a white person call a black person a n*****, I would flip. I am very aware of the struggle that the African American culture has had to endure. My friends have made it very clear to me that they will NEVER forgive or forget all that has existed with slavery and racism. And it STILL exists. So whether your black, white, Asian, Persian, Hispanic….whatever race you may be, and you do not understand that this is common lingo for me everyday without it being offensive to those I communicate with, and you feel that I have offended you…I do apologize. It so not meant to insult anyone. And if anyone feels like they need to contact the record company over this…please be my guest. I certainly would not want to be signed and locked into a deal where I had restricted expression.”

“I’m off to bed. I am in the studio at noon, and were starting on a new song! Just finished 2 brand new songs that I can’t wait for you to hear. Mhhh…maybe tomorrow I’ll write about this issue.”

“I’ll check back with y’all tomorrow. I love you guys, and definitely understand that were all different. No one has to have the same opinion. Thanks for letting me share mine.”

XOXOXO Sarah Jo Martin

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