Sarah Martin Leaves Christmas Message For Fans

Sarah Martin, fiance of star AJ McLean, left a Christmas message for fans on her Loving Sarah Yahoo group. She says, “Hey guys!! We FINALLY got our X-mas tree, and I just surprised Alex
with his Christmas present. I got him a pool table. (Okay….so the living
room is officially crowded, but he was very excited!!!) We are going to
a midnight mass with my Grandparents tonight at my Grandmas church. I go
with her every year, and Alex decided to get all “suited up” and come along.
Its a really beautiful service.”

I hope that your all happy and healthy, and spending the Holiday Season
with your loved ones. I apologise for being M.I.A. but I have been really
busy lately. However, I do have some new pix’s and music and….news!!!
So sit tight, and I’ll get it all to one of the moderators by the New Year.
You are ALL on my mind and in my heart.

Thank you Sharon, Jess, Lisa, Steph and Kathy for your hard work and
support. Please be safe and remember how blessed we are to be alive.

I appreciate you guys immensely, and I’m always refreshed by the positivity
that flows through this group.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year…..I’ll be back soon,ok??

Lovingly, Sarah

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