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Upcoming singer/songwriter has posted on her officail yahoo group, LovingSarah, for the first time since the “incident”. She speaks about her new album, her waitressing job, and how things are with Backstreet Boy AJ McLean. Read on for Sarah’s post.

Whats up, ya’ll…..??? Yah- I’m posting extremely LATE. I’m working my bootie off. Just got home from the strip club. KIDDING!!!!! O.K. ??? It’s a joke. I worked at the resturaunt late tonight, and then went for a late dinner with Alex. Jerry’s Deli, to be honest. (YUMMY.) He had a grilled cheese sandwich with ranch dressing on the side, curly fries, and a garden salad. I had fried zuchinni and an assortment of steamed vegetables with a side if bleu cheese. Anyway…I MISS YA’LL !!!! And I xtend my apologies on-line. My committment to you, my friends, and support group,have been lacking big-time. I have been busy writing and recording, and waitressing…and doing a few new photo shoots, and lots of good “social stuff” aswell. I am happy to report that I am well. I have had some very awesome spiritual awakenings and I have found a great Al-anon home group. Alex and I have been hanging out quite a bit lately, and we kinda’ feel like we did when we first met. We intended to go see “Finding Nemo” tonight, but I had this “great table” who would’nt leave. Their check was up to $400.00, and I was trying to rush them, but I had to be proffessional. So we mised the show. We saw “Bruce Almighty” on Friday night and I LOVED it !!! I laughed so hard I was crying. We will see “Finding Nemo” later in the week. We also went to the Santa Monica Playhouse on Sunday night to see a show called “Dear Gabby”. I was a part of the cast of the same show ten years ago, wich I was lucky enough to travel to Europe and Ireland with. It was the 15 year alumnai, so they asked me to attend and speak after the 2003 cast performed. Both Alex and I, and our two guests were in tears by the end of the show. What a great evening we had !!! There was dinner and discussion afterward and I was in awe of the new cast. They were AMAZING actors. This was the theatre I grew up in and it was really incredible to be there again. (Plus, I think Alex got bit by the theatre bug again.) Things are great in the music world for me, and I will fill you all in as this process continues to take its course. I am enjoying it every step of the way. I have a few new proposals that I will share with you over the next few weeks. I really feel like once the ball gets rolling….a new set of propositions come into play, and I thank God that I have really awesome representation guiding and supporting me through this imperative time in my life. You will hear my music sooner than you think. And I appreciate your patience through this faze. I have never felt more confident and mature in my whole life. I finally feel like the pain that I have experienced has gone to a place of goodness, and I can actually make something of it, as opposed to “drowning in my sorrows”. The doggies are doing great. Except Tank has a mild case of canine acne. So on top of having to walk all THREE of the sisters twice a day, and between working at the resturaunt and recording, I have to apply this very serious medication to my sons face twice a day. (CRY ME A RIVER, WILL YA ????) Ha! I’m just a victim here, aren’t I ?? I am SOOOOO kidding. I would’nt know what to do without my babies. They make me feel safe and they are my snuggle muffins at night. And believe me…..they are spoiled !!!
My family is doing great…My Moms Birthday is coming up fast!! Its June 24th…and I’m making plans to take her to a spa where she can find some peace and tranquility. I am saving up for a tiny little “get-away” for us. Thats pretty much all that she needs.
Some T.L.C. And a massage or two. She deserves it. She is the most amazing
parent that I could have ever asked for.
Okay…I have stated waaaaay too much for a quick post, but
I really miss you all. And I’m so glad that your still a part of the Sarah Martin support team. I will be back with a more specific update
and there will be quite a bit to report next week. For now, please enjoy your every waking moment. I wish you all peace and love and blessings…..and I pray for everyone in this group everyday. I could never begin to explain to you all how incredible it was to have Sharon, Erin, Stephanie, Alicia and Meg all in one place at ONE TIME. We have an awesome crew !! And we will do big things!! These women mean so much to me. (Each on a a different/independent plane.) Like
for instance, Alex kept saying that Steph reminded him of Lisa Loeb…but thats just how he thinks she looks. I took major time out to get to know these ladies, and they are so damn intellectually stimulating. Its like I met my newest, closest friends. I will let you all go FOR NOW. But I will be back with more soon. Big kisses and big love.
For-freakin’ ever !!!!

Sarah Jo Martin

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