Sarah Martin Signed To Dreamworks Records

Contributed by BSBfanatic935:

Singer/songwriter Sarah Martin, star AJ McLean’s girlfriend, has been picked up by Dreamworks Records. She posted the news on her official Yahoo group recently. Read on for what she had to say.

LADIES AND GENTS!!!! Hey folks. Its Sarah. The show was absolutely
a success!! We partied up there onstage like it was 1999!!!
Dreamworks will be my home!!! YEAH BABY, YEAH!!! I’m soooooooooooooo
happy right now! When contracts are negotiated and signed, I will
jump in here SCREAMING!!! I just let everything go last night, and I
kept telling myself that I CAN DO THIS !!! Alex just called for a
full update…(he was recording a song last night in the studio that
he just sang to me live over the phone, and its magic, ya’ll!!!) He
was flipping out about what he has already heard about the success of
my show. We are both REALLY proud of each other right now for making
the right decisions and choices. And I must say that you guys inspire
me sooo much. Your loyal commitment to my music has given me a
newfound appreciation for reaching high for the stars. I made my
mother so proud last night, and that means more to me than you could
imagine. She has been through so much, and to hear her in this joyous
state….oh my word! It is more fullfilling than I can describe.

Sharon….. I frickin’ love you! Look what you have done.
You started a silly little “AJs girl” club, and turned it into a
place where we all can dwell, and feel safe, and respected, and
appreciate music together. Your tenacity NEVER ceases to amaze me.
You truly are my soul-sista’.

This group is so special to me. All the ladies that came out to
support last night…..THANK YOU DIVAS!!! We are gonna’ go far
together. I promise to keep on writing and performing, if you all
promise to continue to supply me with the REAL DEAL! AND…..if we
all promise to follow our dreams. Cause each and every one of us can
tackle any mission. Its all in the mind and in the heart. If I wind
up just being the head of a dog rescue foundation…SO WHAT! I would
be doing what I love. I could sing to all the one-eyed, 3 footed
creatures and know that I am doing something that I love. Something
that makes me feel high and alive ! So keep the LS pride alive for
the sake of everlasting happiness and self knowledge. This group is
all about life and pain and support, and if you don’t like
it…….theres something very wrong with you. I will keep you all
fully updated as I enter a new dimension of my journey.

Forever Yours,


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