Sarah Martin Takes A Stab At Ex-AJ McLean

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In a recent Q & A with her official fanclub, took a bit of a stab at her ex-fiance AJ McLean of the Backstreet Boys. When asked her biggest pet peeve, her response was “Right now cheaters. Guys who can’t keep their di** in their pants. Read on for the full interview.

Interview from 7-12-03
conducted by Erin for

1. Any of your old stuff on the album? It’s hard to tell right now but I believe there definitely will be a possibility. We’ll probably re-cut them and change ’em up a bit.

2. When will you come to Europe? I wanna come right now. I wanna see my family. As far as going to Europe in a musical way…um, it’s hard to tell. Hopefully soon. I love Europe!

3. What do you do to chill out? I watch dating shows! I love those! Fifth Wheel, Blind Date…those shows crack me up! I take my dogs for long walks in the park. I love to read.

4. When will your album be released overseas? In two weeks. (Laughs) Just joking. I’m not sure.

5. Would you ever do a duet with Mariah? I would, of course!

6. Or write a song with her? I’d love to write a song with her. She’s an amazing songwriter!

7. How do you go about getting a deal? Usually through someone who has a connection. You work with people who are plugged in and it’s just mostly through hookups. Then record companies either pass or sign you up. Performing live is very important. Record companies have to see you perform.

8. When can we expect an album? An estimate…not until next year.

9. What’s your favorite store? Dare I say…Forever 21? (Laughs) I love thrift stores. Those are my favorite!

10. Favorite TV Series? Sex and the City. They just take so many risks with that show!

11. Favorite day of the week? Um, probably Thursdays.

12. Favorite song of your own? I’d have to say “Is There An Ocean?”

13. Biggest pet peeve? Hmm, right now…cheaters. Guys who can’t keep their dicks in their pants.

14. What is your biggest obstacle right now? Wow…this is a hard one. I’d have to say…(after doing the rest of the interview so she can think this one through)..probably being easily distracted.

15. Who was the last person you said “I love you” to? Haha, probably you. Or my Mom last night.

16. If you were stranded on a desert island, what three people would you want with you? My Mom, my Dad, and my Therapist.

17. If you could ask God one question, what would it be? Am I pleasing you?

18. What book has affected you the most? It’s called “The Power of Now”. I’ll have to get back to you on the author. I think my Mom has my copy.

19. Most embarrassing moment? There are two I can’t decide between. One was getting my pants pulled down in eighth grade when I was wearing my Care Bear underwear. But then I chased him down and beat him up that day. Then…gosh, I once peed my pants on stage when I was performing in a play. I was laughing so hard and it was in the middle of a live play. I had to slowly back off the stage. (I asked her how old she was for that one and she starts laughing) Gosh, not so young. I was 15.

Did you know…?

-Sarah rescues dogs wandering the streets.

-She wishes she had her Mom’s green eyes.

-She’s right handed.

-She hand feeds her dogs. (She says it’s because Tank’s mouth is shaped funny and he can’t get the food out of his bowl very well.)

-She splashes around in a kiddie pool with her dogs.

-Sarah loves old people!

-She loves Brussels sprouts and asparagus.

-Sarah got an offer to pose for Playboy! She would love to do it!

-She takes her dogs for a walk twice a day.

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