Sarah Martin Visits Backstreet Boys In Studio

lovemy2k9s on the International Yahoo group reported on a chat with Sarah, where she revealed she had visited ex-lover and the rest of the at the studio in Los Angeles. “I am very close to Sarah & adore her. Anyways, I spoke with her just earlier & she told me she had just visited with A.J. & ‘the guys’ at the studio in Los Angeles,” the poster wrote. “A.J. invited her to come by. She also got to see the Littrell baby boy whom she had never met before. She said he’s beautiful and strongly resembles his mama. She had a great time, although it was brief because she had to leave for work. She sincerely appreciates all of you for your continued love and support. She hasn’t been able to communicate with you because she hasn’t bothered with setting-up her computer for almost 8 months. I hope my posting here helps you know that she cares about each and every one of you! Bye for now.”

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