Savannah Outen On Attending ‘Hannah Montana: The Movie’ Premiere

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@savannahoutenofficial) on Friday (April 3) after attending the Hollywood premiere of Miley Cyrus’ new film ‘Hannah Montana: The Movie’ the previous night. Outen tells readers:

I don’t even know where to start. The Hannah Montana Premiere was SO much It was my first movie premiere so I was in aw with everything happening around me :) I met Adam Gregory who is such a cutie. He’s on my favorite show 90210 :) And I met Trace and Mason from Metro Station. They are really cool guys. was there, but I didn’t meet her. She looked gorgeous though! I caught a glimpse of her. I walked the red carpet with Debby Ryan, who is the sweetest girl ever. I love her brother too. He is really nice. It took us over an hour to finish the red carpet!! It was insane! Crazy madness! The LONGEST red carpet I have ever seen. I thought it was so funny how all the photographers were yelling my name. They were like “Savannah over here! Now over the shoulder! Blow a kiss!” I got interviewed by a lot of press.

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