Lindsay Lohan “Totally Frazzled” On The Catwalk

Sources tell Star magazine that was a nervous wreck about the thought of walking the catwalk at Olympus Fashion Week. “She was totally frazzled,” a source said, and told her mother Dina, “I can’t do this!” Fortunately, Dina was able to calm the 19-year-old by telling her, “Yes, you can.” Then, after a glass of champagne backstage, she headed out and did well.

No Marriage Plans For

Lindsay Lohan revealed to Fashion magazine that while she has no plans for getting married anytime soon, the 19-year-old joked, “It would be funny if I just randomly got married.”

Lindsay’s Underaged Drinking Draws No Tabloid Interest

Stuff magazine profiled photographer Giles Harrison, a 37-year-old paparazzo who patrols Los Angeles for celebrities. “We got Lindsay Lohan drinking a Corona,” he whispered while clicking away as the teen queen enjoyed the afternoon at the Chateau Marmont with friends. “That’s underage drinking. That’s a good one.” But Harrison later learned it wasn’t a hot seller. “Nobody really wanted it,” he admitted. “I guess nobody wanted to deal with her lawyer sending a letter or her going on TV and saying her privacy was invaded. It still might sell, but right now it’s dead. I don’t really care. If one picture doesn’t sell, the next one will.”

Lindsay Lohan’s Mom Has Had It With Her Late Nighters

The New York Post reports Lindsay Lohan and her mother Dina were openly arguing about her late-night partying the after-show dinner at Bette for Karl Lagerfeld’s new fashion line. “Dina was very open about it,” a source revealed. “She’s getting tired of sitting at Bungalow 8 until 5 in the morning.”

Lindsay’s Just An ‘Acquaintance’ Of Paris & Nicole

Lindsay Lohan is on the cover of the new issue of Allure magazine, where the 19-year-old shed light on her friendships with ‘The Simple Life’ combatants and Paris Hilton. “I haven’t talked to her in a while,” Lohan said of Richie. As for Paris, the ‘Herbie’ star said, “I’m acquaintances with all these people, but I’m not friends with all these people. I don’t necessarily know things about their lives.”

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