Scarlett Johansson A Diva On Justin Timberlake’s Video Shoot?

Justin Timberlake 'What Goes Around... Comes Around' single cover

After Ted Casablanca for E! Online reported Scarlett Johansson was acting like a diva on the set of former star Justin Timberlake’s new video ‘What Goes Around … Comes Around’, her rep Marcel Pariseau denied the allegations to The New York Daily News. In response to claims Johansson complained about not being able to smoke, and having her bodyguard order crew members not to eat around her, Pariseau fired back, “Scarlett is always respectful of other people and never made this statement. Also, Scarlett doesn’t have a bodyguard.”

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One thought on “Scarlett Johansson A Diva On Justin Timberlake’s Video Shoot?

  1. redar says:

    Your a bit behind aren’t you. This has already been shot done. Ted Casablanca always tells lies anyways. Also one of the extra’s on the video shoot said both Justin and Scarlett were nice and that Justin was his usual goofing around self.

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